Property Deed

A deed is a legal document that lets you transfer ownership of real property, such as a house or land. A deed must contain several items to be valid:

1. It must list the names of the current owner(s) and the new owner(s)

2. It must be signed by the current owner(s)

3. It must contain the exact legal description of the real property that is being transferred

There are several types of deeds and we can discuss your options when we meet. Here are the most common types of property deeds and how they are typically used:

Warranty Deed: a warranty deed transfers ownership and provides additional promises, including that the transferring party has good title (in other words, the property is free of liens and claims of ownership). If the promises made turn out to be untrue, the transferring party agrees to compensate the buyer.

Grant Deed: a grant deed transfers ownership and traditionally promises that the property hasn’t already been transferred to someone else.

Quitclaim Deed: a quitclaim deed transfers whatever ownership rights that the transferring party may have on the property. Quitclaim deeds are useful for transferring rights when it’s unclear exactly what those rights are.