Giving the Gift of Life

Over 100,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ transplant. Unfortunately, many may never get the call saying that a suitable donor organ — and a second chance at life — has been found. It’s estimated that every day in the U.S. 20 patients die because of the lack of donor organs.

It’s Time NOW for Inclusive Estate Planning

“Really our law is designed for the nuclear, one-marriage family—the traditional, 1950s type of family—which just doesn’t exist anymore,” Danaya C. Wright, a law professor at the University of Florida who has written about inheritance for nontraditional families, told me. When states were first writing these laws, “virtually no attention” was given to alternative home structures. To this day, end-of-life laws have not caught up to modern families.

Interview with Kerry Spence

There is a social justice advocacy need that runs in my family’s blood, a need to help the people. My social justice advocacy contribution is to help facilitate a more compassionate and efficient legal system through promotion of paralegals working directly with consumers to access the legal system.

Kerry Speaks at Vivalon

Kerry giving talk at Vivalon

We love our NorCal community! Whenever we get the chance, we seize upon the opportunity to contribute to our community. Vivalon of Marin, (formerly Meals on Wheels), invited Kerry to talk about the latest changes in estate planning.