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Estate planning can be a complicated headache with uncertain outcomes. We are committed to removing all the stress and placing the power of the law in your hands. We produce estate plans that reflect your wishes, are understandable by you and your family, and are actionable without confusion, problems, or worry for your loved ones.


We believe that the law belongs to the people. You are in charge and your wishes should be the guiding force of all proceedings regarding your estate.


We are committed to providing top quality legal services without the anxiety, confusion, bloat, and excessive costs that are all too often part of the legal process. 

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What Sets Us Apart

Estate planning is our sole focus and we are the best at it. For 45 years, we’ve built efficient systems that deliver excellence in all our services and interactions across the board. We are constantly seeking ways to serve you better, steered by these principles: 

  • Meticulous Attention to Detail

    Passionate about every detail, addressing each concern and question until you are completely satisfied.

  • Transparency in Every Step

    Taking time to explain each document, its purpose, and the process so it makes complete sense to you.

  • Empowering You is the Only Focus

    Certainty that your intentions have been formalized, so it brings you real peace of mind, is our singular aim.

Your Team

Committed & Compassionate Experts

We are a team of talented, committed, passionate, occasionally quirky, extremely reliable and still quite human professionals. We prepare your estate plan like we’re doing so for a member of our own family. That’s baseline at KSEP.

Kerry Spence

Kerry Spence

Founder & CEO

David Nickelson

David Nickelson

Mediator & Advisor

Stephanie Peat

Stephanie Peat

Paralegal & Project Manager

Sholeh Mir

Sholeh Mir

Chief Administrator

Rinkee Shakya

Rinkee Shakya

Asset Review Specialist

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More Appreciation from Awesome People

When it comes to legal procedures, the results matter. And, with your estate plan the results matter more than ever. We take that to heart and make sure that you are left with zero unanswered questions, a solid plan, and peace of mind.

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Schedule a 20-minute Consultation

Invest 20-30 minutes with us and you’ll come away knowing what you do and don’t need in your estate plan, a flat fee for that package, and a timeline if you decide to proceed. We offer customized estate plan packages that include all documents, tailored to your needs, plus support with the essential processes, such as funding the trust and trust administration. 


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